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Branding and customization options

Plastic coating


Plastic coatings can be applied in a number of finished products to provide the desired branding and visual appeal.

With an endless number of color and finish options available, SGD Pharma’s glass products can be made to embody any brand requirement.

Plastic coatings also provide additional product protection against light, shatter resistance and physical property benefits. SGD Pharma’s plastic coatings are composed of 60% PVC, applied at elevated temperatures and annealed at 400°C. The plastic coatings can be completed with screenprinting or serigraphy using 1-3 colors of UV ink, adding decoration, branding, directions for use and legal information. The plastic-coated bottles can also have a label or shrink-wrapped printed sleeve.

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Plastic Coating Finishes

  • Frosted
  • Transparent
  • Opaque
  • Glossy
  • Mat

Color Options

Plastic Coating Benefits

1. Visual benefits - Improve the patient experience

  • Unique branded look
  • Boost visual appeal
  • Product differentiation
  • Enhance premium look and feel
  • Improve tactile experience
  • Add softer touch


2. Product benefits - Improve patient safety

  • Additional product protection against light transmission
  • Opacity enhances product properties
  • Finishes may enhance user’s grip
  • Protection from mechanical shock and packaging robustness





Internal siliconization


Siliconization is realized with an aqueous emulsion of a polydimethysiloxanic oil, conforming to all pharmacopeias, sprayed inside the vials. The silicone film is fixed onto glass through the annealing lehr. All vials from 5ml to 1L, clear or amber, Type I, II or III glass may be siliconized. To maintain the quality of the coating, siliconized vials should be stored in dry condition and at moderate temperature.
Silicone breaks down at temperature over 350° C.

Major qualities products for pharmaceutical

  • It provides a protective layer useful for fragile molecules, further minimizing the interactions between the product and the container

  • It prevents high viscosity infusions from sticking to the internal surface of the vials giving them a perfect transparency

  • Finally, due to its hydrophobic properties, the silicone coating ensures a higher restitution rate down to the last drop of product

  • Compatibility tests between the product formulation and the siliconized vials have to be performed. The resistance of the silicone coating depends on the chemical structure of the pharmaceutical product, as well as its dissolving power on silicone. 

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