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Laurent Zuber appointed as Chairman of the FEVE Glass Flaconnage Board

Michel Giannuzzi elected Vice-President of the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) and Laurent Zuber appointed as Chairman of the FEVE Glass Flaconnage Board


Brussels, July 2018

Michel Giannuzzi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Verallia Group – one of Europe’s leading glass packaging manufacturers for the food and beverage sector - has been elected Vice-President of FEVE – the European Container Glass Federation - at its FEVE General Meeting in Rotterdam on June 14th.  
“I am eager to put my experience at the service of this industry which has an unrivaled cultural heritage in Europe and a strong future ahead. Glass continues to be the packaging material of reference for many products despite competition.” says Michel Giannuzzi. “Our European industry association has a leadership role in federating forces towards circular economy”.
The FEVE AGM also elected Laurent Zuber as Chairman of the FEVE Flaconnage Board. Mr Zuber is Chief Commercial Officer and Managing Director of SGD Pharma – a leading manufacturing company of moulded and tubular glass vials for the pharmaceutical industry.  
Commenting on his new role, Mr Zuber said: “The European glass flaconnage sector is world leader in the production of specialty bottles for the perfumery and cosmetics, and primary glass packaging to the pharmaceutical sector. Bringing visibility to our sector’s assets and strengths to succeed in supporting the development of our customers’ brands, and, in the pharmaceutical sector, to commit to patients safety by delivering the highest quality products will be beneficial to the EU’s economy and external trade as well as for the whole glass packaging industry. This is one of the main objectives of my mandate in FEVE which I took on with great energy and enthusiasm.”  


About Michel Giannuzzi
Starting from September 1, 2017, Michel Giannuzzi has been appointed as Chairman and Chief Executive officer (“CEO”) of the Verallia Group. Aged 53 years old, Michel Giannuzzi served as CEO of Tarkett, a worldwide leader of innovative flooring and sports surface solutions, from 2007 to 2017. During his tenure at Tarkett, Michel Giannuzzi pursued a profitable and sustainable growth strategy, which led to a successful IPO in 2013. Prior to that, Michel Giannuzzi held several leading positions within the Michelin Group and Valeo Group. He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique and Harvard Business School.

About Laurent Zuber
Laurent Zuber joined SGD Group in 2006 when Saint Gobain Desjonqueres was sold to Private Equity and defined the strategy to further extend leading position with stronger market shares in all segments.  Laurent Zuber has a deep knowledge of the Pharma industry since 2002 and of the Glass Industry since 1989.  Laurent Zuber is currently CCO and Managing Director of SGD Pharma leading sales & marketing activities, as well as the trading company Embelia. In the past, Laurent Zuber held several leading positions at Saint Gobain Emballage (now Verallia) and OTIS elevators.  He graduated from the Institut Supérieur de Commerce of Paris (France). 


About FEVE
FEVE is the Federation of European manufacturers of glass containers. We provide a wide range of glass packaging products for food and beverages as well as flacons for perfumery, cosmetics and pharmacy to our European and global customers. With more than 160 manufacturing plants distributed all over Europe, we are an important contributor to Europe’s real economy and provide direct and indirect employment to about 125,000 people. Our members produce over 20 million tons of glass per year.  Manufacturing plants are located across 23 European States and include global blue chip and major companies working for the world’s biggest consumer brands. See more on www.feve.org  


For more information, contact:
Michael Delle Selve
E-MAIL m.delleselve@feve.org;
GSM: +32 475 52 24 58; TEL: +32 2 536 00 82
WEBSITE: www.feve.org