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LKF 60 years ceremony

LKF is a global leader for medicated oil with a long history of more than 80 years.

LKF's policy to only use the best ingredients in their famous multi functions oils has always been one of the foundations of its durable success.

LKF follows the same policy for its packaging and started to buy bottles of the highest quality available in the market in 1958, from SGD Pharma plant in Sucy. The production of LKF items have moved to SGD Pharma Zhanjiang plant 10 years ago.

The tradition when a partnership reaches 60 years is to exchange diamond gifts.

Laurent Zuber and LKF's CEO, second generation Leung Mun Sum, exchanged diamond award to celebrate this historical event.  LKF's CEO was accompanied by third generation leaders, Leung Chris and Leung Richard.