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Major Sucy-en-Brie plant development project


Looking forward to our plans for 2021: SGD Pharma starts major Sucy-en-Brie plant development project

I was proud and happy to visit the Sucy-en-Brie plant this week and to meet the very dedicated team in charge of a major revamping of the factory, coordinated by Philippe Dubois (photo). The project, which will last till March 2021, has now broken ground. This Capex, 31 million€ in total, is the biggest SGD Pharma investment since the Saint-Quentin-Lamotte plant construction. The Sucy-en-Brie factory, already ISO 15378 & 50001 certified facility with 8 production lines connected to ISO 8 clean rooms, will join a next generation of pharma glass packaging units.

The project includes the complete rebuilding and upgrading of the furnace 2, implying the modification of the building itself (photo: new roof), the full revamping of the ISO 8 clean rooms, new generation IS machines and the installation of the most advanced technologies available for products automatic inspection. Thanks to live monitoring systems, better thermal insulation and increased electric boosting, the CO2 emissions will be reduced by -10%. Last but not least, the re-design of circulation areas will improve furthermore the safety in plant.

Sucy-en-Brie produces Type II & III clear and amber molded glass bottles, making this factory one of the biggest players in the European healthcare industry. The factory supplies vials for injectable, infusion, syrups, droppers and tablets to over 450 customers around the world and covers the following therapeutic areas: oral and parenteral antibiotics, parenteral nutrition, respiratory illness, pain-relievers, anaesthetics.

The New Sucy-en-Brie project is a major milestone in the SGD Pharma strategy: keep ahead of competition in terms of product’s quality, guarantee of supply and service flexibility.

Money well invested for our customers and our employees! Looking forward to announcing the completion in 2021!


Christophe Nicoli, CEO, SGD Pharma