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SGD Pharma unveils its new identity 

SGD Pharma’s new identity was unveiled on Nov 7th simultaneously in all the group plants. 

All employees were given a presentation by the management on the group’s new mission, vision and guiding princples. The event was also a great opportunity to present the new visual identity with a modern and dynamic logo which reflects strength and unity.

Our group’s mission, aligned with its DNA, is to improve and protect patient’s health by providing high quality, innovative and reliable primary glass packaging to our pharmaceutical customers.

5 guiding principles have been selected so that everyone can carry out this mission: work in partnership with the customers, commit to patient’s safety, work together thanks to a unique corporate culture, act responsibly and develop talents and skills.

The new mission and the guiding principles both support an ambitious growth strategy and a long term vision of SGD Pharma. The group’s will is to consolidate its leadership in the molded glass market and grow in the tubular segment, to be recognized as the global partner of choice by its clients, to reinforce operational excellence and being acknowledged as a great place to work.

Watch here a video showing some employees and some members of the Executive Committee proudly illustrating each of SGD Pharma’s new commitments.

A new logo reflecting transformation and modernity

To illustrate the current transformation, a new logo was unveiled. In a refined style, strong, stable and modern, its energetic look and its ‘Pharma’ print were enthusiastically received by the employees.

An active participation of each site in a positive atmosphere

Every site was very creative to make this important day in the company’s history very entertaining.

In France and in Germany, the various sites participated actively to the event. Through interactive workshops and games, the employees expressed their satisfaction on the new identity and on the day‘s organization in a positive atmosphere. The new logo was appreciated as reflecting SGD Pharma’s image and the guiding principles attracted a wide consensus. 

In China, a giant puzzle gathered the plant teams as well as those in Guangzhou and Shanghai to find key statements of the group’s new identity. Jürgen Sackhoff, the group’s CEO, was in India to lead this important day, assisted by with the local management team. The presentation was followed by a blessing to attract prosperity and light to the plant.

The day ended on each site by the distribution of various items with the new company’s visual identity. Some glass cubes manufactured and engraved with the new logo by SGD Pharma Zhanjiang were provided to employees as well as polo shirts, object of a current fun and federating selfie’s competition (#newidentity).