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How is SGD Pharma preparing the Future of Healthcare?

SGD Pharma to participate to the Road to CPHI Milano.

The Road To CPHI Milano is a new adventure – taking place in the run-up to CPhI Worldwide 2020 in Milan. From September 14 to October 9, Pharma’s Almanac will be discovering the future of healthcare on a 7,000+ mile journey around 25 countries – and companies - in Europe.

In anticipation of this, the Q1 2020 edition of Pharma’s Almanac is featuring SGD Pharma's discussion on how we are preparing to face the future of healthcare by developing new technologies going from our application to identify non-compliances in molded glass bottles to our Ready-to-Use platform powered by Ompi EZ-fill®.

SGD Pharma is constantly working to improve the level of service for customers for the development of new products or the regulatory, laboratory, quality, and logistics support they offer. In 2019, SGD Pharma developed the first application for the identification of noncompliance in molded glass bottles for the pharmaceutical industry.

Resulting from the development efforts of the Quality and Marketing Departments, this new digital tool makes it possible to identify noncompliance that may be discovered during a control over the reception of goods or from the primary packaging manufacturing process. The company’s goal — beyond improving safety for the end-user — is for their quality standards to be recognized as benchmarks for the pharmaceutical molded glass industry. The application also fits within the growing zero-tolerance trend, which includes cosmetic quality, and reassures hospital staff about the delivery of product to patients.

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