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CPhI Pharma insight briefing


The biopharmaceutical sector is a very important growing market – key insights on the characteristics of this market, the challenges it represents, and expectations customers have from the packaging supply chain will be outlined. OTC is not a new market and glass is already very much present in this sector. However, customers decision-making on packaging is more often driven by aspects other than the product preservation and the total absence of interaction with the contained product. In this segment there is a need to redefine the role of moulded glass as premium packaging material at very competitive market conditions.


The glass industry is investing in both segments as major drivers for innovation of packaging solutions, and for a redefinition of the industry business model from a glass container manufacturer to a value-added and high-quality solutions provider. This will add to the unique inherent properties of glass in terms of inertness and recyclability. How can the glass flaconnage industry strengthen its position as key partner for the pharma industry? Is there space for more and better collaboration between the glass supplier and the pharma customer?

The Agenda is available on https://goo.gl/WR99Da 




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