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Future-Proofing Parenteral Drug Supplies With Moulded Glass

Validating a second source of packaging is a vital approach to help minimise the risk of potential supply chain disruptions, and moulded glass could hold the key

Source: Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Packing Sourcer, February 2022, pages 40-44. © Samedan Ltd

Carole Grassi Mircich and Jingwei Zhang at SGD Pharma, Matthias Angelmaier at Syntegon, and Tim Wenzel at GILYOS

Mitigating supply chain risk and safeguarding business continuity is a high priority for parenteral drug manufacturers. In 2021, many organisations faced worldwide constraints on Type I glass supply as a result of a rise in global market demand. This shortage – particularly of tubular glass – impacted pharma,
biopharma, and veterinary companies as well as both CMOs and CDMOs. These shortages are expected to continue throughout 2022, prompting many to seek alternative packaging options – such as moulded glass vials – to alleviate the strain placed on their supply chains and, therefore, to ensure the availability of their drug.

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