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One year without accident at Saint-Quentin-Lamotte plant.

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We are proud to announce that Saint-Quentin-Lamotte plant, Center of Excellence for Type I glass, has strived to Zero accident this year.

Thank you to everyone at the site for this challenge brilliantly met!


At SGD Pharma, safety is a top priority. Each day, we implement preventive actions to strengthen our safety culture. Through its business activities, SGD Pharma is committed to provide a safe work environment for employees and stakeholders.  Safety is also at the heart of our sustainability principles.



Strive toward zero accidents

Safety is a core value in the way SGD Pharma conducts business, so the most important goal is to have zero accidents. In 2019, SGD Pharma implemented a Group Safety Policy (EHS) in all plants in order to minimize employee’s exposure to accidental events (cuts, burns, noise pollution or high temperatures).

Each site has a safety training plan to develop competencies and safety behaviour to minimize risks. In addition, line managers have a key rule and actively contribute to a safe environment through discipline, visible commitment and proactive engagement with one another. Furthermore, all employees are all encouraged to identify unsafe conditions or processes to address or correct them through future action plans.


Safety actions implemented

In 2019, SGD Pharma presented a new prevention campaign including 10 golden safety rules:

1. Report all hazards

2. Follow procedures without using any shortcuts

3. Ensure personal safety by using the right PPE

4. Be vigilant while on the move

5. Work on jobs that you have been trained and authorized for

6. Follow and use the safety guidelines

7. Use adequate materials and tools

8. Safely intervene

9. Be cautious when using harmful chemicals

10. Be mindful of your own and others safety


SGD Pharma then implemented a Safety Week in all plants to raise safety awareness among employees. This event mainly allows the company to promote safety improvements and achievements for each site and ensure safety always remains top of mind.

Moreover, our Group increased in a significative way the number of Safety training for embedding Safety culture (average of 5.59 hours per year per employee instead of 4.31)

Currently, SGD Pharma focus still lies on occupational safety and preventing accidents at work.


For more information, please read our 2019 CSR Report