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Webinar: Alternative vial design to reduce breakage risk during lyophilization

Lyophilization is a demanding process on the primary container. There can be significant side-load force during vial transfer in/out of the lyophilizer; dramatic temperature cycles range from ambient to cryogenic; phase changes involvie all three states-of-matter; and finally, there are significant vertical-load forces during stopper closure. Even at low frequency occurrence, glass vial breakage during a lyophilization cycle is a serious issue.

Traditional molded glass vials are heavier and more resistant to breakage, however still not ideal. An optimized molded vial design provides lyo-breakage protection without sacrificing acceptable thermodynamic performance.


Camille Ermine, Product Manager at SGD Pharma, explains how SGD Pharma has developed a real alternative vial design to reduce breakage risk during lyophilization.

Watch the webinar by clicking here.