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Try our ProSeal+ glass bottles for an optimal hermetic seat

Looking for primary packaging that protects your valuable oral drug product from moisture and oxygen?

Try our PROSEAL+ glass bottles for an optimal hermetic seal.

SGD Pharma is proud to offer an industry leading solution to bottle sealing challenges suitable for use in pharmaceutical-grade packaging.

Using a well-established external treatment on the sealing surface of the glass bottle, PROSEAL+ bottles greatly enhance and guarantee an optimal seal adhesion of the foil.

The key benefits of PROSEAL+ are:

  • Maximized shelf-life
  • Tamper-evident closures to ensure product integrity, patient safety and added security throughout the supply chain
  • Reduced leakage and product loss
  • Child Resistant Senior Friendly (CRSF) closures compatible
  • Suitable for both induction and conduction processes
  • Conforming to US and EU Pharmacopoeias, GMP / Food contact compliant (US CFR 21 FDA)

The key benefits of PROSEAL+Our PROSEAL+ glass bottles maximize product shelf life and provide best-in-class product protection so they are suitable for pharmaceutical and food products.



PROSEAL+ ready to seal bottles are available for:

  • Molded glass in Type III
  • Clear or amber glass
  • All vials from 10mL to 1000mL
  • Neck finish available: PP28, MCA2, R3/28, R3/24

Please contact our SGD Pharma experts if you have a glass container requirement not listed above. SGD Pharma supports development of new or custom glass applications:

Click here for more information about PROSEAL+