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Olivier Rousseau Olivier Rousseau

Chief Executive Officer

Carole Grassi Mircich Carole Grassi Mircich

Chief Commercial Marketing & Innovation Officer

William Ledger William Ledger

Chief Operating Officer

Fabio Invernizzi Fabio Invernizzi

General Manager BU West

Philippe Pourquery Philippe Pourquery

Chief Financial Officer

Pierre-Michel Bataillard Pierre-Michel Bataillard

Chief Human Resources Officer

Caroline Funck Caroline Funck

Group General Counsel

Frédéric Barbier Frédéric Barbier

General Manager China / Asia-Pacific

Akshay Singh Akshay Singh

General Manager India

Key facts

Business data

Turnover: 441 M€ (2023)

Global production capacity:
+ 8 Million vials per day

5 plants
7 furnaces
1 sorting facility
1 decoration workshop

Geographical areas: worldwide scope
90 agents & distributors
10 sales offices

Social data

3000 employees

3063 employees
30% of women in top
management positions

2135 perm contracts

245 person recruited in 2023
25,5 hours
of training per employee per year

Environmental data

-18% ​water consumption

water consumption

-1,5% ​GHG emissions on our European perimeter

GHG emissions on our European perimeter

+ 41% of recycled waste

+ 41%
of recycled waste

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2023Our CSR strategy

Our CSR strategy

To minimize the impact of our business on the environment, we are prioritizing decarbonization. Our goal is to lead the pharmaceutical glass manufacturing industry with our decarbonization efforts, with the intention of reducing CO2 emissions by 35% by 2030 and by 65% by 2040. SGD Pharma is SBTI committed and currently working on the 1.5°C scenario decarbonation pathway validation including our scope 3 emissions.

Tubular and Corning partnership2023

Tubular and Corning partnership

SGD Pharma announced a joint venture with Corning to adopt the company’s Velocity® Vial coating technology and manufacture high-quality tubular vials at a new tube manufacturing facility in construction at SGD Pharma’s Vemula India production site.

This collaboration will help pharma companies respond to increasingly complex capacity and quality issues while meeting global demand for critical medicines. We broke ground on the $60M site in June 2023.

2022Olivier Rousseau appointed as new Chief Executive Officer

Olivier Rousseau appointed as new Chief Executive Officer

International Year of Glass 20222022

Inauguration of SGD Pharma India plant’s Unit V, fully dedicated to tubular glass packaging (capacity of 1 billion pieces by 2024).

2022International Year of Glass 2022

The United Nations (UN) recognizes glass as an essential material and that this year, its contribution to society will be honored through the International Year of Glass 2022. SGD Pharma, as an official sponsor of the UN International Year of the Glass, will be spotlighting glass and its role in health and wellbeing.


PAI Partners (PAI), a leading European private equity firm, becomes SGD Pharma new shareholder.​

20212021 SGD Pharma EcoVadis Platinum Medal

Ecovadis Platinum medal - The group was awarded the Ecovadis Platinum medal, its Chinese plant and its subsidiary Embelia were both awarded the Silver medal.


Introduction of Type I molded glass enhanced offer: three distinct solutions - AXess, AXecure and AXpert - to help customers make an optimized choice, well-matched for specific requirements.​


SGD Pharma starts a major Sucy-en-Brie plant development project, investing over 31M€ to rebuild one of the furnaces and modernize the site.​


Introduction of Ensiemo, the new complete child-resistant packaging solution for CBD oils. Combining the company’s extensive pharmaceutical packaging expertise with the need for compliant, safe packaging for CBD oils, SGD Pharma has developed its first complete packaging solution & services, Ensiemo: a wide range of dropper bottles and dropper, in clear or amber glass.


As part of its continuous improvement program, SGD Pharma optimized in 2020 the clear Type I glass composition of its best-in-class manufacturing plant at Saint-Quentin-Lamotte. This implementation provides a more robust process to improve the stability of the glass quality, improves the chemical resistance to reduce interaction with sensitive drug formulation and answers to stricter regulatory requirements.


Introduction of Sterinity. The Sterinity platform in partnership with Stevanato Group – a recognized RTU platform for injectable vials by the pharmaceutical industry - offers high quality pre-sterilized Type I molded glass to speed up aseptic filling processes and reduces time-to-market for high value parenteral drugs.


India plant's new Unit V is fully operational and 100% dedicated to our tubular product range.


Launch of Clareo. This new innovative range of vials offers a combination of homogeneous wall thickness and superior cosmetic quality, which is unique for the molded glass Type II market. Improved mechanical resistance, significant reduction in the breakage rate and improved inspectability are the main characteristics of Clareo.


SGD Pharma unveils​ its new identity​. The new mission, vision and guiding principles support an ambitious growth strategy and a long-term vision for SGD Pharma.


JIC (China Jianyin Investment Ltd) becomes SGD Group new shareholder.


The new plant at Saint-Quentin-Lamotte produces its first glass vial on September 11th. December 21st marks the end of the pharmaceutical glass production at Mers-les-Bains after 57 years dedicated to this activity.


New manufacturing factory in Picardie at Saint-Quentin-Lamotte. SGD launched the newest, most modern plant in the world to manufacture molded glass pharmaceutical packaging. The construction lasted 13 months. The 13-hectare site benefits from a state-of-the art equipment (electrical and oxy-gaz furnaces) enabling an outage daily capacity of 1 million bottles and 20.000 tons per year.


The acquisition of an India-based manufacturer of Type I allows SGD Pharma to enter the tubular conversion market and to serve the fast-growing Indian pharmaceutical market.


Introduction of EasyLyo. EasyLyo provides a stronger packaging that is more resistant and suitable to extreme conditions encountered during the lyophilization process. EasyLyo is a range of Type I glass vials combining the strength of molded glass with superior cosmetic quality and weight reduction.


Oaktree Capital Management Ltd, an American investment firm, enters the Group’s capital on February 4th.


Acquisition of the Société de Services Verriers (SSV) company in France, dedicated to the sorting of pharmaceutical containers, which is a new activity for SGD Pharma.


Saint-Gobain Desjonquères becomes SGD Group. SGD Pharma is the first molded glass manufacturer to obtain the ISO 15378 certifications for all its pharmacy sites.


U-Save launch. The U-Save range is dedicated to nasal applications. The specific design of the U-Save molded vials provides 100% of product recovery for high value nasal spray drugs. Can be customised with plastic coating and/or decoration.


The acquisition of the Henri Desjonquères company by Saint-Gobain gives birth to Saint-Gobain Desjonquères, increasing its number of manufacturing sites worldwide: Kipfenberg (Germany), Santa Marina (Brazil), La Granja (Spain).


The furnace 4 at the Mers-les-Bains (France) factory is dedicated to the production of Type I molded glass.


Automation of the Mers-les-Bains (France) factory with IS machines.


Specialization of the factory in Sucy-en-Brie (France) in the production of pharmaceutical bottles in molded glass.


Henri Desjonquères founds Verrerie du Tréport, a glass manufacture factory in Mers-les-Bains (France), primarily aimed at the luxury perfumery market. The molded glass bottles are hand-blown.


Corporate Strategy

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One of the keys to SGD Pharma’s leadership position in the glass industry has always been its drive to continually innovate.

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