Our Innovation approach

Our Innovation approach

One of the keys to SGD Pharma’s leadership position in the glass industry has always been its drive to continually innovate. Working closely with customers and researching the latest technologies, SGD Pharma seeks specific challenges to address through the research or application of new technology solutions. In essence, SGD Pharma connects products, processes and services to provide a unique and integrated packaging solution to meet ever-changing customer needs. SGD Pharma will work with a customer to solve their specific packaging problem as well as develop new innovations for the overall glass market.

SGD Pharma watches the glass market and listens to its customers, anticipating new needs and finding solutions to their challenges.

Our innovation is brought to life by our cross-functional teams, including Marketing, Sales, R&D, quality, regulatory, environment, health and safety, and operations, working together.

We ensure new innovations area both technically viable and meet the exceptional quality and regulatory requirements our customer demand. SGD Pharma works to solve tomorrow’s challenges today.


SGD Pharma, successful in innovation

SGD Pharma has continuously dedicated significant resources to Research and Development. These continual R&D efforts have allowed us to become :

  • A pioneer in the implementation of clean rooms for inspection and packing in all its factories.
  • The first pharmaceutical packaging company to be certified ISO 15378 (ISO 9001 in addition to the GMPs – Good Manufacturing Practices).

SGD Pharma also has proven track records of product range extension:

  • U-save® vial, a unique design
    • U-shaped bottle for a complete liquid delivery.
    • Provides 100% of product recovery for high value nasal spray drugs.
    • U-save® is used worldwide and approved for several nasal sprays (calcitonine…)
  • EasyLyo®, simply stronger vial
    • Specially designed injectable vials to comply with the specific requirements of the lyophilization process.
    • Reduce risk of breakage thanks to the optimized design.
    • A full range of products available from 5 ml to 100 ml successfully embraced by biotech and pharma labs.
  • Clareo:
    • Type II premium injection vial
    • Breakage rate reduction
    • Lower total cost of Ownership