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Our convictions


Our corporate Strategy is aligned with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The Sustainable Development Goals are the blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.


SGD Pharma men and women are daily involved to contribute to satisfy our customers as well as to support sustainable development with focus on three main axes:

Our People - Our Business Values - Our Environmental Impacts





Based on our core values, and as a leader in molded glass pharmaceutical packaging, SGD Pharma considers prioritizing CSR to be both a responsibility as well as an opportunity to enhance our company’s performance.

We are proud to present this the fourth CSR report as a contribution to a better planet, fully in line with our long-term vision.


sustainabilty report 2022 


  Click here to access the SGD Pharma Sustainability Report 2022.

  Click here to access the SGD Pharma Sustainability Report 2021.

  Click  here  to access the SGD Pharma Sustainability Report 2020.

  Click  here  to access the SGD Pharma Sustainability Report 2019. 

  Click here to access the SGD Pharma Sustainability Report 2018. 



Our achievements


Ecovadis Gold medal

The group has been awarded by the Ecovadis Gold medal, its Chinese plant and its subsidiary Embelia have been awarded by the Silver medal.


CDP Climate Change

The group achieved a C rating overall, based on its approach to climate change.


CDP Water Security 

Our first participation in this category, the company achieved a B- rating





Our people


SGD Pharma’s philosophy comprises a combination of social and economic objectives. We have developed policies that protect our employees and foster their personal development and well-being, while supporting the company’s business goals.


Moreover, SGD Pharma is committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for all employees and stakeholders. Our most important goal is to have zero accident and zero occupational illness.



Our business values


We believe that the way we conduct our business and build our relationships with all our stakeholders must be aligned with the highest standards and must foster sustainable and ethical practices and principles within our value chain and our sphere of influence.


Quality of services & competitiveness


Our business has an inherently high scrap rate and requires multiple manufacturing steps due to sophistication of our products. Striving for excellence, SGD Pharma has developed a strict Quality Policy.



Business ethics


SGD Pharma conducts business in many counties and is therefore under the scope of various regulations. As a result, we are attentive to any change or new regulation that could affect our operations. SGD Pharma’s Code of Conduct is the foundation of the Group’s actions in term of business ethics.



Sustainable procurement


As part of our commitment to sustainability, we are working with our key suppliers to improve their sustainability initiatives. Suppliers to SGD Pharma play an important role in the success of our business model and sustainability program. We strive to conduct business with suppliers who share our commitment to high ethical standards and operate in a fair and responsible manner.

Click here to access to the Supplier Code of Conduct.



Our environmental aspects


We have set clear long-term objectives for minimizing environmental impact by reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as optimizing water use, waste management and resource efficiency.


Energy consumption and Greenhouse Gas Emissions


Glass manufacturing is a highly energy intensive process due to its very high melting temperature (above 1500°C). Additionally, some of the raw materials used in the fusion contains CO2 which is emitted into the atmosphere during the melting process. Thus, in order to reduce our GHG emissions and mitigate climate change, we strive to continuously improve the energy efficiency of our industrial processes. Hence, we have developed an internal energy management system standard that continually improves the energy performance at all SGD Pharma plants and developed a Group culture of energy performance.



Reuse, waste and water


In the global context of resource scarcity, we are using natural resources with the utmost care.

SGD Pharma uses water mainly for cooling purpose in the melting and forming part of the industrial process. To reduce our water consumption, we installed closed-loop circuits at our production sites. Moreover, we reuse our internal glass offcuts for raw materials and ensure no raw material is wasted.



Local and Accidental pollution prevention


If our manufacturing processes and resources are not well handled, it may result in environmental impacts such as: air emissions linked to combustion, discharges of contaminated water and noise pollution. SGD Pharma remains proactive and committed to reducing these impacts and has implemented action plans and measures that prevent and mitigate these risks.


Health and Safety policy

Commitment & Accountabilities


SGD Pharma is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment for its employees and stakeholders. There is no other goal than zero accident, zero occupational illness.

Health and safety are core values. They come prior to any other consideration in the way we conduct business.



Line management is accountable for the prevention of injuries and occupational illness.

In turn, employees and stakeholders are expected to contribute to a safe environment through discipline, visible commitment and proactive engagement with each other.




  • Line managers demonstrate their leadership in safety through goal setting, progress review, coaching, proactive field interactions, active communication, audits. They mobilize human and investment resources and relentlessly search solutions to act upon unsafe conditions and behaviors
  • Employees are all encouraged to identify unsafe conditions or processes. They are empowered to stop a task which is deemed unsafe and to take the necessary means to correct the situation
  • Each industrial facility has a formal H&S continuous improvement plan.

Risk management

  • Major risks are identified and managed through Group standards and recommendations
  • In addition, each plant identifies specific hazards not covered by the Group standards
  • No work team or operator starts a job without prior Job Risk Analysis
  • Local H&S regulation compliance is regularly assessed and identified gaps are immediately corrected or address through action plans
  • Every site defines and effectively communicates emergency plans at the appropriate level (site, workshop).

Learning and progress

  • Competencies and safety behavior are considered in the recruitment process. New employees are trained to work safely and to manage H&S in their area. Safety is part of the annual performance assessment. Each site has a safety training plan
  • All accidents and major near-misses are reported, including root causes analysis and corrective and preventive actions implemented. They are shared and commented across the SGD Group. They are recorded in appropriate accessible databases.
Pierre Michel Bataillard Pierre Michel Bataillard

Chief Human Ressources Officer


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