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Brussels, 4th December 2023 -FEVE – the European Federation of glass packaging makers – announced the new chairmanship for the Flaconnage Board of Directors, elected at their meeting on Thursday 23rd November 2023. FEVE was originally founded in Brussels in 1977, as a non-profit with over 60 member companies from 24 corporate groups across the EU, Switzerland and Turkey. The association represents the interests of glass packaging manufacturers in the food and beverage, perfumery cosmetics & beauty, and pharmaceutical and healthcare markets.

Xavier Gagey, CEO of the Pochet Group - one of the world’s leading multi-material packaging manufacturers - has been elected as incoming Chairman of the FEVE Flaconnage Board of Directors. Commenting on his new appointment, Mr Gagey explains: “Glass is a material that has unique inherent sustainability benefits: it is endlessly recycled, it preserves product ingredients, fragrances, and scents in the best way possible. Glass is also unique in adding value and premium positioning to products through its versatility and design assets”. He continues: “The members of FEVE serve a global customer base which appreciates that glass has unrivalled properties, and that as European manufacturers we can guarantee unequalled service and professionalism. That’s why they continue to select glass, which will enable glass manufacturers to maintain our leadership role providing packaging in the decarbonised and circular economy of the future. For FEVE members, glass is our business, and we will continue to support and innovate glass manufacturing processes for the benefit of the world.

Mr Gagey will take over the chairmanship of the Flaconnage Board from the incumbent Mr Laurent Zuber, currently General Manager Business Unit West World at SGD Pharma, who has held this role for the last 5 years. Mr Gagey adds: “The future direction for our sector has been laid down under the excellent leadership of the out-going Chair Laurent Zuber. He did a great job in leading initiatives to promote and defend our sector through very difficult years, marked by the global pandemic and unforeseeable market dynamics”.
Mr Gagey will be supported in his role by Mrs Carole Grassi, Chief Commercial Marketing & Innovation Officer in SGD Pharma, who has been appointed as Vice-Chairwoman of the Flaconnage Board. Mrs Grassi commented: “I am keen to collaborate with Xavier, with my colleagues in the member companies and the FEVE team to continue to shape the future of our industry in Europe. The agenda is packed, but the path is clear: we need to address issues specific to the pharmaceutical sector, but also invest in reminding our customers that the glass industry is strongly committed to build relationships with them and with our stakeholders and to deliver the highest standards in terms of sustainability, both environmental, social, and economic.”

Bios and pictures

Xavier Gagey Xavier Gagey is the CEO of the Pochet Group, which he joined in 2018 as Director of the Pochet du Courval Flaconnage     Division.
 A graduate of the École Supérieure d’Electristique (SUPELEC) and holder of an MBA from EDHEC, he was previously       general manager of the Welded Tubes division of Aperam, a global player in the production of stainless steel.
 Xavier brings his skills in organizational transformation in an international context to the group, with his 20 years of   experience in a complex and very competitive industrial world. He has held the position of CEO since September 2021.

Carole GrassiCarole Grassi Mircich has 15 years’ extensive experience in the packaging industry, firstly in the Beauty & Personal Care market and thereafter in the pharmaceutical market. Carole joined SGD Pharma in 2017, initially as Marketing & Communication Director, then as a Chief Innovation & Development Officer and most recently in the role of Chief Commercial Marketing & Innovation Officer. Carole has introduced many strategic, market-driven and business development initiatives to increase the value of SGD Pharma for its customers, employees, and shareholders. Prior to joining the pharmaceutical packaging industry at SGD Pharma, she spent 10 years at Rexam Packaging/Albéa Packaging in roles including Business Development/M&A and in strategic marketing and product management-innovation, after starting her career in finance, M&A.


About FEVE – The European Container Glass Federation
FEVE is the Federation of European manufacturers of glass containers for food and beverage, perfumery, cosmetics and pharmaceutical sectors. Its members produce over 20 million tonnes of glass or more than 80 billion containers per year. The association has over 60 corporate members belonging to 24 independent groups. Manufacturing plants are located across 23 European States and include global blue chip and major companies working for the world’s biggest consumer brands. The Container Glass sector in Europe makes a significant contribution to the EU Economy and supports essential sectors. More than 125,000 people work in the glass packaging value chain across Europe. It guarantees resilient local supply chains with a proximity of service to its suppliers and clients. Every year €610 million is invested in upgrading plants for better energy efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions (i.e. representing a significant 10% of the operational and maintenance costs). The sector exports around €1.2 billion (empty bottles and jars) and if we take account of items almost always or often packed in glass, glass is an enabler of extra EU exports of around €250 billion (data 2019).
For more information, contact: Michael Delle Selve - E-MAIL; GSM: +32 475 52 24 58; WEBSITE: