Thomas Ostermeyer

EHS Manager

What is your background and your current role at SGD Pharma?

After my studies in mechanical and process engineering, I started my carrier in the chemical industry. For many years, I worked for various companies as a plant engineer before developing skills in EHS. After exciting years striving for best practices within a global organized EHS team, my job focused mainly on energy and process safety management. One year ago, I joined SGD Pharma in Kipfenberg, responsible for EHS Management.

Are there any specific achievements you are particularly proud of since you joined?

In my role, I’m working mainly on health & safety aspects of the German plant and I’ve been challenging the organization to increase the communication process about safety issues. 
Plant site safety statistics are showing a better safety performance and I’m happy and proud to be a part of it!

Is there something you particularly like at SGD Pharma?

Organizational changes, like we currently experience at SGD Pharma, normally initiate opportunities for growth, not only in business, but also in skills, qualification and competencies. I look forward to these changes and the opportunities to share EHS experience throughout the group.