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Try our new Velocity vials

SGD Pharma has launched a new range of innovative Type I tubular vials for injectable drugs with an external low coefficient of friction (COF) coating developed by Corning, to help manufacturers optimize their fill and finish operations. Disruptions on pharmaceutical filling lines may be caused by tip-overs, jams and glass breakages, all due to frictional resistance from glass-to-glass and glass-to-metal contact. Damage and disruption to the flow of vials may result in recalls and increased manufacturing costs.

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Why choose Velocity® Vials?

Patient safety

Velocity® Vials reduce the likelihood of damage that may lead to cracks, breaks and cosmetic rejects, achieving up to 96% reduction of glass particulate emission during fill and finish operations. This protects patients by minimizing the risk of glass particulates getting trapped inside the vials while also speeding up the global delivery of potentially life-saving treatments.

hy choose Velocity® Vials?

Maximized productivity

Get the most out of your existing lines by increasing both efficiency and yield with Velocity® Vials. The innovative friction-reducing coating makes the fill & finish process 20-50% more efficient. It also allows pharmaceutical manufacturers to seamlessly integrate new vials to existing fill and finish lines with an immediate reduction in pharma production costs.

Cost reduction

Velocity® Vials can reduce Total Cost of Ownership by improving fill and finish productivity, lowering API loss, and reducing downtime. There is also minimized product loss at visual inspection, due to a reduced chance of particle contamination.

Quality improvement

Velocity® Vials have a patented coating from Corning which helps to reduce cosmetic defects and lower the risk of drug recall, due to glass particle contamination.

Product Specifications

Velocity® Vials are available in a wide range of sizes, see the table below. SGD Pharma's high-quality tubular vials are manufactured to rigid specifications to ensure consistent quality standards. Other vial formats are available on request and various configurations are available for bulk packaging.

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