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Découvrer notre dernier Rapport RSE 2020


As soon as Covid-19 was identified in China and as it spread throughout the world, we prioritized the protection of all our collaborators. All measures were deployed in compliance with local regulations to safeguard their health while continuing business. As a pharmaceutical glass packaging leader, we made sure the production never stopped. It is our duty to continue all activities while taking safety measures for all, and deliveries of bottles essential for our customers in the fight against Covid-19 have been ensured.

While we faced this unprecedented crisis throughout 2020, we continued to consolidate our approach to CSR. We introduced for the first time a Supplier Code of Conduct, and we continued investing in new projects to improve our energy consumption and mitigate our Greenhouse gas emissions. As proof of our involvement, one of the furnaces at the Sucy-en-Brie plant in France is being rebuilt which will reduce the energy consumption by 10%.

We also express our support to the UN Global Compact for the second year. Since 2020, our CSR strategy has been aligned on the 10 principles of the Global Compact and with the United Nations Sustainable Goals. Our firm is set to continue our investment into the global CSR strategy and to improve practices already in place.​

Discover the CSR REPORT 2020 here.