Baby bottles in glass

Clareo, Type II Premium Injection vials



Tubular vials and ampoules

Sterile ready-to-fill molded vials

An extensive range of glass

SSV (French)

SSV (English)

Type I Molded Glass Vials – SGD Pharma quality made in India

Phoenix Glass Bottles for Bird's Nest

Phoenix 系列燕窝玻璃瓶


Normes et certifications


ISO 9001 SGD SA V 2015 (EN)

ISO 15378 SGD SA V 2017 (EN)

ISO 50001 SGD SA Sucy V 2011 (EN)

SGD Phama India Limited

ISO 9001 SGD PI V 2011 (EN)

ISO 14001 SGD PI V 2015 (EN)

ISO 15378 SGD PI V 2017 (EN)

ISO 50001 SGD PI V 2011 (EN)

OHSAS 18001 SGD PI V 2007 (EN)

SGD Kipfenberg GmbH

ISO 9001 SGD Kipfenberg V 2015 (EN)

ISO 14001 SGD Kipfenberg V 2015 (EN)

ISO 15378 SGD Kipfenberg V 2011 (EN)

SGD Asia Pacific

ISO 9001 SGD AP V 2015 (EN)

ISO 14001 SGD AP V 2015 (CH & EN)

ISO 15378 SGD AP V 2017 (EN)

SA 8000 SGD AP (EN)

ISO 22000 SGD AP 2005 (CH & EN)


SGD Pharma Clareo - Type II Premium Injection Vials

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