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Increasing flexibility in pharmaceutical packaging for aseptic filling

Increasing flexibility in pharmaceutical packaging for aseptic filling

Learn how to achieve true flexibility and compliance in aseptic fill/ finish lines.

Ready-to-use (RTU) glass containers are enabling Pharma Companies to keep pace with the growing complex biologics and other specialty drugs market. By increasing flexibility, reducing time-to-market and total cost of ownership (TCO), and preserving safety and quality standards of the system, RTU molded glass vials now offer a new choice in aseptic manufacturing processes and technologies. Molded glass brings improved chemical durability and greater mechanical strength, combined with the well-proven secondary packaging platform designed for RTU vials, such as Tray and Nest&Tub.

Take a closer look at:

  • A review of RTU packaging trends
  • The advantages of RTU molded glass vials
  • The benefits of an integrated primary and secondary RTU packaging solution




Free Webinar Now Available On Demand: Ready-To-Use primary packaging for flexible aseptic operations

How to gain speed to the market with a multi-sourcing approach

The pharmaceutical industry is experiencing a shift from blockbusters to biological drugs for more personalized treatments. This trend results in a need for pharmaceutical companies to manufacture smaller batches and handle multiple products in different packaging presentations on the same filling line, driving the adoption of Ready-To-Use (RTU) primary packaging formats. Although the technology of combi-lines and RTU is well established in the market, there are still only few options for primary packaging available.

To ensure manufacturing readiness, a key aspect pharma companies have to take into account when selecting the technology is the possibility of multiple sourcing along their supply chain. Flexibility, quality and low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) are key parameters when selecting packaging partners for fill & finish operations.

This webinar demonstrates how the partnership between Stevanato Group and SGD Pharma on RTU molded glass vials supports companies needing to switch manufacturing process from bulk to EZ-fill®.

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Increasing flexibility in pharmaceutical packaging for aseptic filling