New designs and security for users

Thanks to its expertise, SGD Pharma is striving to develop in partnership with its clients, innovative designs in every type of glass or colour. We develop our packaging solutions responding to specific needs, such as EasyLyo®, a vial dedicated to lyophilization, or U Save®, U-shaped vial for a complete liquid delivery.

Internal siliconization of the vials, an adding value treatment

It allows to maintain complete transparency of the bottles as well as the flow of aqueous and viscous solutions until the last drop, respecting the dosage of very active drugs.

Plastic coating


Plastic coating consists of a thin and protective film of plastic on the bottle; such coating is requested by EU regulations for aerosol bottles. Plastification used as protection against mechanical shocks, offers security to the user in case of breakage.



All colors and aspects like glossy, matte, frosted, clear and opaque are available. With or without a plastic coating, our bottles can be decorated with serigraphy using UV ink or with organic inks, in SGD Pharma’s dedicated site.

Our bottles while preserving the intrinsic qualities of glass, improve your pharmaceutical product image, highly important for OTC and generics.

For our beautycare line, a large choice of finishing are also available to offer each vial a unique identity :

  • Frosting, for translucent effect
  • Gradual or partial lacquering
  • Silk printing with enamel and organic ink
  • Hot stamping, for a magnificent and elegant effect

Sterile ready-to-fill molded vials


SGD Pharma also offers a new solution in vials filling: OMPI EZ-fill® Sterile molded vials. This solution provides sterile and depyrogenated high quality molded vials.

This new solution offers more flexibility, reduces time to market and reduces investments due to the cleaning and sterilization's outsourcing.

Custom-made tubular range

Our ampoules range can be customized with up-to 3 color identification rings - OPC, Code ring or color break – as well as with ceramic printing.

To answer to your specific needs, our tubular glass vials range can be customized with the following features :

  • American or European Blow back
  • Flat bottom vials, suitable for lyophilisation process
  • Plain neck and screw neck finish

As for our tubular vial range, we offer sulphur coating, which can reduce alkali release.