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Pain relief

Pain relief

Superior, product-specific packaging solutions for the intravenous delivery of pain relief.

An essential element of routine healthcare, analgesics relieve pain by blocking signals from the nerves or distorting the interpretation of such signals by the central nervous system. Most fall into one of three classifications: narcotics or opioid pain relievers; non steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), or paracetamol (acetaminophen). Drugs in the two latter classification are widely used as the first line of defence for mild pain relief. Though typically supplied in oral solid dosage form, analgesic drug delivery via alternative routes is routinely essential, for example, post-operatively or for pain management in patients with compromised digestion. Beyond tablets paracetamol is available as a powder, solution, suspension or suppository and is often delivered by injection or infusion. Overall, around 20% of the analgesics market, by volume, is delivered by these latter two routes.

Glass packaging is particularly suitable for analgesics for injection or infusion, offering:

  • High impermeability, notably to oxygen
  • Clarity, for ease of product inspection
  • Widespread acceptability and familiarity.

SGD Pharma is a leading supplier of 100 ml infusion bottles for pain relief therapies, specifically paracetamol, offering products uniquely specified to meet the demanding requirements of this application. High impermeability is critical in preserving the quality of the drug, which can deteriorate in the presence of trace levels of oxygen. More generally the portfolio includes a wide range of solutions for parenteral delivery (both by injection or infusion), in Type I and II glass. Dropper bottles in Type III glass, in the range 5 – 100 ml, are a cost-effective choice for oral analgesic delivery.