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What is your background?

Following my graduation as an engineer, I started my career in 1993 working for a French automotive supplier in the Product Development division. After 3 years, I joined Saint Gobain Group where I was in charge of new products’ development for the perfumery glass bottles division. In 2001, I moved to the pharmaceutical business unit and, in 2005, I was promoted Quality Manager for the Mers plant. Following the group’s businesses split, I joined SGD Pharma team in the new plant at Saint Quentin La Motte in 2016.

Can you describe your role at SGD Pharma?

Managing a team of 12 people, I’m the plant Quality Manager and also in charge of Products Development. As Quality Manager, I need to ensure that quality achieved is the best possible on three different levels: the one obtained internally, the one provided to the client both in terms of products and services and the one linked to quality systems (audits, certifications…). On top of ensuring the plant quality, I am also part of a group defining the company’s global quality policy. 
As for Product Development, I am mainly in charge of the whole data management related to the products, the molds and new products’ development for the pharmaceutical industry.

Are there any achievements that you are particularly proud of since you joined the firm?

Ensuring the production’s transfer from Mers to the new plant, a facility that was built within a year, respecting all technical, quality and Good Manufacturing Practices’ constraints was a real challenge. The objective was to avoid any disruption in the manufacturing process and satisfy our clients – more than 300 – by delivering excellent products during the transition period.

Are there any specific elements that you particularly appreciate in the SGD Pharma working environment?

The work environment is very international both internally thanks to all the employees coming from various continents and externally with worldwide clients so it is very enriching. Also, top management’s presence on the various industrial sites and therefore its accessibility makes communication easier and generates constructive discussions.

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Emmanuel Lepitre
Quality Manager & Product Development